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TENS gels, hot & cold gel packs

The idea of developing these products came from a chat with some of our athlete friends, who asked us to make a product which consists of natural ingredients, is water based and free of parabens, which absorbes easily and which helps their sport activities effectively. The heating and cooling effect of the gel packs provide solution for pain relief for many.

Hot & Cold pack

Hot & Cold hideg-meleg párna

Cold-warm therapeutic pads transmit warmth by penetrating deep into the muscles, while warming or cooling them.

The heating pad relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation. The heating pads emit a pleasant warmth, relaxing and relieving spasms.

Cold therapy pillows are used for cryotherapy, to relieve inflammation or fever. Cold-hot therapy pads can be cooled in the freezer or refrigerator, heated in hot water or microwaved, depending on their type. The cold-hot gel cushion is an indispensable aid in every household, recommended for sports injuries, strains, rheumatic and joint problems, menstrual cramps, fever or earache.

Suggested use:

Heat therapy:
– Heat the gel pad in a medium microwave (800 W) for about 50 seconds.
– Remove and check the temperature. If the product is too hot, let it cool down a little before use.
– If the pad has not reached the desired temperature, continue heating for another 10-10 seconds.
– The total heating time should not exceed 80 seconds! Overheating may cause damage to the packaging and the raw material of the product.
-If the gel pad is too hot, do not place it directly on the skin, use an intermediate material (e.g. a tea towel, a towel)

Cold therapy:
– Place the product in the freezer for at least 2 hours.
– Preferably do not place the gel pad directly on the skin.
– Refrigerate for another 1 hour in the freezer before using again.
– When not in use, always store the product in the freezer in a freezer bag.

Attention! Do not apply the product to the affected area for more than 20 minutes! Always allow at least 20 minutes between applications.

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