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Ultragel is an interesting story…In 1996, it came to my mind that our family business (Medcom), dealing with medical equipment, should not be supplied with ultrasound gels by foreign countries, but much rather by an inland business, let it be a company established by myself.
Following the establishment of the company, our adventurous trip has begun, and is still heading fast forward on the track, which I could not have dreamed any other way.

Our first year was the year of experimenting, when together with my chemist professor, we have tried to develop the excellent quality, which is better than anything used before.
This experiement is still in progress to date, with new ideas and small improvements every day, to take us further and further, just like a feather blown by the wind.
This feather has got above and beyond all my expectations, having grown up after many years of difficulties, by now we have broken through our frames and got to 52 countries, have extended our product range, has established a strong trade base on the local market with nearly 8000 medical equipment products, and the story goes on…

In more details
The basic product range anno consisted of ultrasound and ECG gels. Two products, in 3 types of packings.
It is still mainly the uniquely labeled products to give the vast majority of our production (contract manufacturing/OEM), but Ultragel, as a brand is becoming more and more significant on the international market.This small business has that special trait that it, unlike other businesses, has gained its reputation and know-how on international markets first, and being ‘socialized’ on the tough rules on these markets has implemented its knowledge and strengthened its position on the local market as well.

We have gained experience in Egypt and Cambodia in business establishment, then later founded and supervised companies.
We have partners from Saudi Arabia, through the European Union to Japan, with loads of personal and human relations behind our backs, where the international exhibitions provide a great platform for us to meet friends and business partners as well.
We have participated on exhibitions in Russia, Singapore, Brazil, USA, the United Arab Emirates, and most regularly in Germany- with independent presence.

Our production capacity is sufficient. Sufficient enough to own the 3 rd biggest capacity in the world, on a market where besides the just as well coverage of the local market, our local sales gives only 5% of that of the total, while the rest is export!
Besides production, we aim to convince the local market of medical equipment to accept, that besides the ultrasound gels, we represent a wide range of medical tools and equipment also, through own representatives and business partners as well.

It is not my goal to list the portfolio of all the 8000 products we have, but let me mention a few tools and equipment obtained through some of the successful projects we have realized:

     ✔ breathing machines

     ✔ anaesthesia machines

     ✔ intensive monitors

     ✔ cardiac ultrasound machines

     ✔ hospital furniture

     ✔ physicotherapy equipment

     ✔ rehabilitation equipment

     ✔ emergency equipment

     ✔ laboratory equipment

     ✔ blood taking systems etc.

Our partners are coming mostly from the local healthcare sector: hospitals, clinics, general practitioner offices, private clinics amd private surgeries. Thanks to our cosmetic product range, we are becoming more and more popular in the local beauty sector as well, as we, as manufacturers, can provide a wide range of products on competitive prices.
The local Ambulance or the Armed Forces are also worth to mention, but we have also cooperated in hospital projects with our distributor partners (Tiop, Keop, Támop, etc.)

There is nearly 30 people working at Ultragel, from which 15 people work in our 2000m 2 factory in Csepel, while the rest of the team provide the smooth running of communication and sales from our back office in downtown Budapest.

Certifications? There must be only a few on the world which we do not have already, but should we miss some, we are always ready to make the necessary steps to get ahold of what is required, let it be ISOCE, Reach, etc.

Important! The products manufactured my Ultragel have medical and not cosmetical classification! Some of our certifications are available on our website, but please contact us should you require further documentation, and we gladly send them to you.

I am proud of my team and the accomplishments we’ve made together. This small company has, of which many dream about, but only a few have the courage to make come true…

I am grateful if I can greet you among our partners, and I hope I can help you and your business to grow and become more and more successful every day!

Komáromy Balázs, Ultragél Kft.

Balázs Komáromy
CEO/Business owner
Telephone: +36 70 425 6449

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